Polsky Česky

About us.

photo Cattery "Kočky ze Severu*CZ" was FIFe registered on May 2008. We are a little Norwegian forest cats cattery in the Jeseniky mountains in Bruntal town. First Norwegian forest cats I saw on any show in 2006 and I fell in love with them immediatelly. Two years ago (exactly 28.10.2008) I have brought my first NFO female Darja NFO Moravia from cattery NFO Moravia*CZ. This cattery is already not exist today. Besides Darja I had four years old home cat Matýsek. 07.09.2008 I have brought from cattery Vom Bergwald*D my first tomcat El Ninjo vom Bergwald.He is rare colour amber. My cats are a part of my family and I give them every what they need to satisfied life. They have a room only for them with scratchers, quality food, regular care, clear toiletts etc.

Markéta Šustrová DiS
Kavalcova 870/11a
792 01 Bruntál
Mobile: +420 606 320 744 or +420 608 405 986
e-mail: info(at)kockyzeseveru.cz